Koski Family Shiverless

We’re a family from Minnesota that understands the struggle is real when it comes to keeping warm in the winter time while going about our day, and we realize the stakes are even higher when it comes to making sure kids are warm and safe in the car seat.

Heightened awareness by safety groups about the dangers of strapping into car seats children who are wearing fluffy, padded winter wear opened our eyes to the multitude of parents all around us who were (also) going crazy with concern about how to keep their children warm to, from, and in their car seats while heeding those warnings.

And so we created the thin, and warm, Shiverless®.

Then, we threw in some pretty awesome “Mom and Dad Highly Approved” features that put convenience of use over the top! (Seriously, you’re going to love the thought that went into how we could do all the things to make life easier for all the adults raising all the children.)*

We also believe integrity and strong values are important when conducting business, and we want you to know we are these: Fair, Generous, Caring, Helpful, Kind, God-honoring, Fun, Original, and Creative. We practically have the Boy Scout Law covered! With these at our core, you can trust we’ll be doing our best to bring you the best.

We truly appreciate you showing up here to check us out. We’re so excited for you to have the life-changing Shiverless experience, and we hope you’ll spread the word to your family and friends, too. The ones you really like and want to see happy!

Thank you for choosing to Live Shiverless!
-The Koski Family

*Of course, we can’t guarantee the safety of your children in their car seats. Please take seriously your responsibility to properly secure your child by following car seat manufacturer instructions.